Gerbil is a meta-dialect of Scheme with post-modern features:

            It is written in itself.

            It is an Actor Language:
               Concurrent and Distributed to the core.

            It is an Objective Language:
               It sports an integrated MetaObject Protocol.

            It is a  Systems Language:
               Tiny Microkernel; check.
               Optimizing Native Compiler; check.
               C-Friendly ABI; check.

            It is a  Modern Scheme Implementation:
               It supports current R*RS standards and common SRFIs.
               It has a Multiresolution Macro System;
                  The Macro is the Compiler.
               It fully exposes itself to the programmer;
                  Compiler level operators are available to user programs.
               It has an integrated FFI.

            It speaks with a LISP.